Agile Architecture

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universal_business_adapterHow agile is your architecture? Are you ready for any immediate requirements? If you have one of these you are ready for just about anything!

Plannng for your unknowns is a reality these days. How agile does your architecture need to be? How about mobility?

NDS has been innovating and providing solutions that are both mobile and agile for those that need it most. We can help you with your requirements too.



ESXi Password reset

Posted: August 18, 2014 by intervirt in VMware

Through the power of Host Profiles you can reset a root passwd without knowing it, as long as the ESXi server is attached to your vCenter server. More here:


Google Cloud Platform

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Google now offers IaaS cloud services featuring disk encryption:

Know Your Cloud References

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Make bootable ESXi USB sticks in minutes with Rufus

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This is a really cool tool to make bootable ESXi images to boot from a USB drive because who uses CDs any more these days!?




NDS is partnered with Riverbed to create customized Riverbed Granite Solutions.  Granite affords you the opportunity to have the performance of data center storage at the edge of your enterprise.  Imagine maintaining all backups and security in the comfort of your central data center but keeping the performance where it matter most – local to the user!.  Using edge SSD caching in real time, Riverbed Granite allows you to project data center storage to the edge offices of your enterprise while maintaining all management at a central data center location.  Provision, project, and deploy with no personnel on site.  Ask NDS how we can get your data center storage performance SLA’s at the very edge of your network.

Want to deploy VDI at the Edge?  Riverbed Granite is the best solution for this too!  Ask us how, and schedule a demo!  We have a complete demo in a mobile kit and can come to you!


Upgrading from a NetApp 30XX to a 62XX

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When upgrading from a NetApp 31XX series to a 62XX series, expect down time.  The plan will be for 4-5 hours, but you can complete the head swap from a 31XX series to a 62XX series in quick manner and gain some excellent benefits! A true PS pro will have you there and up to the latest On-Tap with minimal downtime.  We use NetApp professional resources.

Contact NDS to see how, and the benefits of doing so.

SSO Lock Out VMware?

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Have you been locked out of VMware SSO, because you failed to add a secondary Domain Controller to your configuration. No fear. Follow this to access the SSO admin page. You will need your master password, but it works like a charm.

Oldie but a goodie:

VMware KB: Setting a static MAC address for a virtual NIC

via VMware KB: Setting a static MAC address for a virtual NIC.

VMware KB: About the *(Any) Storage Profile

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VMware KB: About the *(Any) Storage Profile

Getting rid of the “ANY” Storage Profile issue in vCloud and help vCloud use Storage Profiles correctly.

via VMware KB: About the *(Any) Storage Profile.

I had this problem on vSphere 5.1 with VCSA. Here is how I fixed the problem: 1. Made sure that the hostname was not localhost and was registered with DNS service. This also required changing the HOSTNAME in /opt/vmware/share/vami/vami_set_hostname, as just changing it in VCSA web interface did not change this setting. After doing this I still had a problem with the service starting properly. 2. I created a new certificate from VCSA web interface by going to Admin tab and “Toggle certificate setting” and reboot the VCSA from System menu. After this I was able to have the Storage Service connect and was able to create storage profiles. (You should Toggle the certificate setting after reboot to disable.)

via Storage Provider error: ‘ServiceNotInitialized’ | VMware Communities.